SELLING a book you have published yourself is a lot of hard work, and the best person to promote it is yourself. No one else will have the same devotion or drive that you have. Without marketing, your readership will be restricted to your circle of family and friends. A good start is to make sure you are selling a good product with excellent presentation. Luckily, the options are increasing  to get your book out there.


Today, more downloadable books are sold online than in bookstores. The online market is expanding rapidly. They are much cheaper to produce, making them affordable to readers worldwide. Selling your eBook for around $5 will yield the most profit for self-published authors, but be wary of any marketing platform that controls the price of your book. There are many websites that can promote your book for free, such as Goodreads which has a programme for authors who are looking to promote their books.


A website is vital showcase for you and your work because it is runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Blogging also increases traffic to your website. When readers read your blog they see you as an expert in your field or that your work is entertaining.


Build a social media platform using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and the numerous blogs, websites, newsletters and social media pages that specifically review and promote eBooks.


How to sell your book